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Bungler got me jailed too

Donna Anthony ... convicted of killing tots


THE specialist who helped wrongly convict Angela Cannings of murdering two of her babies was blasted by another jailed mum yesterday.

Donna Anthony, 30, is serving life after Prof Sir Roy Meadow, 70, dismissed her claim that HER two tots were cot death victims.

But the child care expertís evidence in several cases has been discredited and he is being investigated by the General Medical Council. Mrs Cannings, 40, walked free from a life sentence on Wednesday after being cleared by the Appeal Court.

And Anthonyís lawyer George Hawks, 54, said: "Donna knows now that a lot of people are rooting for her."

Prof Meadow ... being probed by the GMC

Shortly before the Cannings appeal, Anthony said at Durham prison: "People are leaning on me to admit murdering my babies so that I can get parole.

"I know they donít let you out unless you admit your guilt.

"But I wonít - because I didnít kill my babies. I loved them."

Anthony, of Yeovil, Somerset, was jailed in 1998 - the year that Prof Meadow was knighted.

She was found guilty of murdering daughter Jordan, 11 months, in 1996, and son Michael, four months, in 1997.

Mr Hawks now wants her to be granted a second appeal hearing after the first failed.

During his clientís trial Prof Meadow said of the babies: "I find the circumstances of both lives and both deaths are typical of a child who has been smothered."

The Sun told yesterday how Angela - cleared of murdering sons Matthew, 18 weeks, and Jason, seven weeks - was the third mum accused of baby killing to be freed this year.

Prof Meadow, now retired, was a prosecution witness in each case.

He has argued that multiple cot deaths are suspicious events.

But his theory is not supported by scientific evidence. In one instance he alleged the chances of losing two babies to cot death were 73 million to one, a figure he now accepts was inaccurate.

The correct statistic is closer to 64 to one.

Campaigner Anne Diamond, 49, yesterday called for a review of how multiple cot deaths are investigated.

Ban him now

Sun Woman Editor

ONE cot death is a tragedy, two is suspicious, and three is murder.

That is the famous Meadowís Law that has been proved wrong yet again.

It was devised by Prof Sir Roy Meadow and adopted by police probing baby deaths.

There is no doubt families have been devastated by Prof Meadow and his disciples.

But so too has the legal process, which he has weakened with his theories.

Prof Meadow has been overused by police as a witness and has certainly outlived his usefulness.

It is time common sense prevailed. The GMC should ban him from meddling in the lives of any more women.


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