Family Testimonies

To get your story posted, fax, Email or mail your information to M.A.M.A. Include a picture, if available.
We hope that medical students, physicians, nurses and media who are currently being indoctrinated into
the "Munchausen Syndrome By Proxy Agenda" will see the devastation to both family and child
that a false allegation can deliver.

Mary O'Connor 
(Prologue by Dr. Charles Lapp)

Yvonne Eldridge
Jan Brooks & Daughter Ashley
Dale Cindy & Trevor Nolan
Dale awarded $800,000
Harold, Tina & Ashley McCawley
(Legal Document Copy)
Peter & Bonnie Bromberg
Ellen & Aaron Storck
(Featured on ABC 20/20)
M.A.M.A. Update: The Storck Florida Seige
Marsha Maggard & Sammy
(Yet another nurse)
Stacie & Larry Reasonover
(Another foster family)
Darlene & Margie
Rusty & Sheri Madaris
Susan Hocevar
Mark & Julie Patrick

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