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Stop Child Abuse
...Stoppt Kindesmissbrauch

European Site
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National Child Abuse Defense
and Resource

Extensive experience and professional referrals!
Information about their upcoming annual conference attended by hundreds of lawyers!

Rick Thoma's
Critical Examination

Revealing look at foster care, child welfare and
the Juvenile Court system. (Great Facts)

Mason-McDermott & Associates

Excellent experience in administrative law,
and dealing with CPS.

Home School Legal Defense Association

Homeschoolers are at high risk of an MSBP allegation. This group provides legal defense and much more.

Rutherford Institute

A Christian legal organization which defends
family rights.

Preble Law Firm

Great site with many links; a law firm; aggressive and experienced in representing families with
CPS problems.


Victims Of Child Abuse Laws. A great site
with many contacts.

VOCAL New York

Victims Of Child Abuse Laws New York!

American Family Policy Institute

Their mission is to monitor and report on abuses
of constitutional rights in our public schools, violations of parental authority and freedom of religion.

West's Legal Directory

Need a lawyer? List of most attorneys in the U.S.

Profane Justice

A comprehensive guide about asserting your parental rights when under fire.

The Psychological Trauma Center

A forensic Psychiatric center dedicated to
justice for children - nationwide.


Information / resource center for those
falsely accused of Child Abuse or MSBP.
Lawyers and Private Investigations.

Nordic Committee
For Human Rights

Protecting Famiy Rights in Nordic Countries
See this article about their President

The Child Rescue Organisation

A UK based group that fights Social Service abuses and helps families get their children back.


Health & Support Links

MUMS National Parent to Parent
Networking families with any disabilities, disorders or rare syndromes.
Unprecedented support with 9,000 families, covering 1,600 disorders.

National Challenged Homeschoolers Associated Network
A Christian organization dedicated to homeschoolers with "special needs" children.

Free Access to MEDLINE
Don't let slander prevent you from continuing to research and advocate for your child. This link gives you access to past and present medical journals. We recommend you purchase a medical dictionary and acquaint yourself with a local medical library.

The Guardian Society
A great support group for parents who have children who suffer from various motility disorders,
like, but not limited to, Hirschsprungs Disease, GERD, and such. Great list serv.

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