It is a common tactic for accusers to order what is called a Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) test to look for a component of Ipecac...emetine. Then using those test results they file abuse charges.  The problem with this is that emetine looks identical to several other medications such as pseudoephedrine...a common decongestant. To differentiate between ipecac and other medications, one must order a High Pressure Liquid Chromatography. This is rarely done and parents don't realized they are being railroaded. 

One such case, a physician actually prescribed pseudoephedrine and then ordered a TLC. Upon deposition, the physician admitted that he had known that the decongestant would cause the test to be positive for ipecac. Yet, the civil suit was thrown out due to good-faith immunity because the physician claimed that he only did this to protect the child, because of his belief that mom was doing something.


Actual test results of a TLC.


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