Who is Julie Patrick?

In 1994, millions watched as the ABC 20/20 show twice featured the phenomenal Open Womb Fetal Surgery that saved the life of Julie's unborn baby, Angela Grace. Born nearly 4 months premature at UCSF's Fetal Treatment Center, Angela spent months in the world-class UCSF Neonatal ICU fighting for her life. Julie, with the support and instruction of their extraordinary staff, learned the highest standards of sterility and care as she helped nurture 1 lb. 7 oz. Angela to health. Now Angela Grace is a robust 7 year old!

Then, in 1995, Julie gave birth to Philip Patrick, a son, born with multiple birth defects such as malrotation of the bowels and craniosynostosis. He also failed to thrive and thrashed violently as he attempted sleep. After a series of surgeries, events of misdiagnosis and confrontations with hospital staff who were failing to discover Philip's underlying condition, Julie and husband Mark faxed out a letter to hundreds of medical experts looking for hope. Vanderbilt Children's Hospital responded with a ridiculous and false allegation of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. Philip was confiscated and deteriorated quickly without his family. He suffered a brutal death just a month later while his parents were cruelly and forcibly held away from him even in his final hours by arrogant hospital staff and a heartless CPS agent! Of course Julie was exonerated.

The Tiniest Miracle, written by Julie and Mark, describes Angela Grace's miraculous deliverance from certain death. It was being published for mass distribution just as Julie was being falsely accused of MSBP.

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