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Did a False Condition Lead to False Abuse Charges?

7 Years After Conviction, Mom Accused by Meadow Is Given Appeal
Abuse expert to face court over 'Munchausen' case Stephenson 01/2005
Woman found not guilty over 1994 death Another Roy Meadow case overturned 11/2004
Foster Parents, toddler reunited after family's horrible ordeal' - USA 11/2004
Expert Guilty of Abusing Position David Southall
Doctor who accused father of murders abused his position
Fragile science supported by poor judgment
120 Parents Could Sue Doctor
Lies, Deception and The Doctor Who Trapped Me Southall's Tactics
Judgment of Louisa Lasher Court Document USA
Expert Who Defends Mom Open To Review - Nothing to hide
Ministers Told Child Harm Theory Was Flawed
He Doesn't Like Women, Says Ex-wife Meadow caught in more fabrications
Lives Ruined in Secret
The Experts Have Wrecked Justice
Scotts Families Wrongly Accused of Abuse
Psychologist Speaks out long before Meadow received his knighthood 
Parents make the best parents
Theory puts 5,000 in care
Care Inquiry Expands To 5,000 Kids
Abuse inquiry spreads
"We can't reunite thousands of mothers with children wrongly taken from them"
Transcript of BBC's Today Programme - Dr. Paul Davis
MP Demands Review of Child Doctor's Cases - Roy Meadow
MP Demands Action - David Southall
Nursery Crimes - David Southall
'Wrong' test result used to take children away - David Southall
When expert witnesses lack the expertise - Roy Meadow
The State Is The Real Villain In Child Protection Cases - Roy Meadow
50 more 'smothering' cases are to be reviewed - Roy Meadow
Meadow: the unseen victims
In the rush to protect children, 'experts' use junk science to accuse innocent parents - Roy Meadow
Case opens can of worms - Roy Meadow
Third parent this year released after Meadow's Law 
Bungler got me jailed too - Roy Meadow
Profile: Sir Roy Meadow 
 Child Expert under Scrutiny The Scotsman
Motion to Review All Cases in Which Professor Meadow Has Given Evidence
Desperately Seeking Justice (Adobe Acrobat free download)
Will Tony Blair Order A Review of All Cases Involving Meadow?
Secret Courts That Steal Our Children
The Childsnatcher-In-Cheif  Prof Meadow: Increasing Concerns Surround His Controversial Work
A New Meadow's Law?
Inquiry Into 'Child Murders' Accuser Roy Meadow
Nicola de Sousa Cleared Canada
Parents Demand Public Inquiry UK
Utah Mom Sues Caseworker USA       (DFCS funding information)
Patel & Clark - The Tip of the Iceberg
Roy Meadows (founder of the MSBP debacle) Discredited
Trupti Patel Not Guilty! UK
Trupti Patel and the rotten courts of Salem
Sally Clark Freed!  UK
Freed Solicitor Gives New Hope to Other Jailed Mothers   Jan 2003
New Hope for Julie
Conviction by mathematical error? - BMJ editorial
Such Arrogance: Roy Meadow takes credit for Single Handedly Reducing SIDS Deaths!
Eldridge charges dismissed USA
Munchausen by proxy:  Persecuted parents or protected children? Kenneth Feldman
"I didn't hurt my child"  Kenneth Feldman (Seattle Washington) exposed
Marybeth Davis' bid for new trial fails USA
'New' evidence clears Davis, lawyer contends  
Lawyer insists new evidence would free Marybeth Davis 
Paediatrician on discipline charges over parental abuse allegations - UK
Police take advice on forgery claims - UK
Child Abuse Case Doctor Withdraws from New Work - Southall, July 1999 
UK's David Southall suspended - December 1999
British Medical Journal - Articles to the Editor
American Journal of Forensic Psychology "Problems With the Diagnosis of Fictitious Disorder by Proxy"
Munchausen's Microbes? - New England Journal of Medicine
Underrecognition of Tardive Dyskinesia
Propulsid in the Spotlight - Pittsburgh-Post Gazette (4 articles)
How a New Policy Led to Seven Deadly Drugs
Rare Diseases Mimic Abuse
Mother Struggles for Custody  USA
Doctors' child abuse theory that is tearing families apart
Parents 'risk losing children' over MMR complaints
Parents say hospital chose to let baby die
Absolute Immunity for perjured testimony?... NOT!
The story I'm not allowed to tell you UK
Guilty Until Proven Innocent
Dale Cindy Nolan Awarded $800,000 by Mono County USA
"Flavor of the Month"

Miami Herald - For parents of autistic child, plea for help brings nightmare

Not Guilty! - How the system failed Patricia Stallings

Child Abuse Inquiry Journalise is Now Under Arrest - Sunderland Echo

Practical Concerns About the Diagnosis of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

Parental Illness or Child Abuse? - Pittsburgh Post Gazette Article #1

The Mother of All Accusations - Phoenix New Times
Sun-Sentinel chronicles the Kathy Bush Trial
Baby Probes Pile Up - Staffordshire Sentinel

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Accused of Ipecac Poisoning?
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Chronic Fatigue Syndrome & severe Chemical Sensitivity - Australia 
Yvonne Eldridge Website 
False And Highly Questionable Accusations of Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy  Australia Expert
A Study in Secrecy by Brian Morgan
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